IT happens

Lost phones, forgotten chargers, missing text messages, these are all part of our world now.

Everybody seems to be willing to accept these as “ the new normal” .

Phones left in Ubers, chargers left in Airbnbs, text messages never sent because you were outside of your carrier’s mysterious zone. Missing emails…

These create fast excuses for some guys who never want to admit they are wrong, or when they need an easy cover up…ok, so we let them slide one time and give a guy the total benefit of the doubt the first time he says, “I didn't forget to call you, I just couldn't because my phone was dead.”

Believe him, trust him, don't hurt his ego and attack him with a nasty text.

Now, if a few days later, like in the same month, he says, “Sorry honey, I didn't call you about the change of plans because I left my phone at the restaurant, and I just went back to get it…”

Start to ask yourself if you think he is really that careless? Or is he trying to cover that he forgot about me because he was thinking of someone else?

And the third time, if it happens in the same have a go home free pass if you want it..But first, ask your intuition what it thinks.

Is he too spaced out to care about his phones, and that means he will be that oblivious to me once he gets used to me?

Does he think I'm not smart and he can feed me anything, and I will believe him?

Only in Hollywood is there a real excuse for repeated bad communication. Don't kid yourself.

“Your intuition is your superpower” It doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, it tells you what you need to hear.

And your intuition is always right in at least these two ways:

It is always a response to something.

And it always has your best interests at heart.

A smart Latina is in touch with her intuition and she knows that deceptive men are always seeking out women who will allow themselves to be deceived. She won’t be one of them.

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© 2020 by Vanessa Q Martin