Getting to Know Vanessa Q. Martin, Dating Guru

Updated: Jan 24

The Power of Living Your Best Relationship Now

Wise. Expert. Real.

Vanessa Q. Martin is synonymous with these three powerful words…and for good reason.

As a respected Dating Guru, Vanessa offers guidance in recognizing the cyclical nature of

common relationship roadblocks. You know the ones—those pesky situations that all-too-often stunt the growth of finding the right partner and keeping them.

Vanessa’s strength is bringing to light the realities of the common errors of dating—and the

self-sabotaging mindsets we all seem to conjure up along the way.

Vanessa offers solutions that take the focus inward, rather than outward. When focusing on

ourselves and gaining the ability to know what we actually need and deserve, rather than what we think we need and deserve, our love and relationships change.

This shift in thinking opens the doors of opportunity for healthy relationships that place our own empowerment at the forefront, rather than having it all rest in the happiness of the other person.

So What Exactly is a Dating Guru

Everyone can use a little help along the way, right?

This falls especially true with building and keeping our personal relationships in check. The bad news is, things can get tricky. The good news is, a Dating Guru can truly make a difference turning your compass in the right direction.

Perks of Utilizing a Dating Guru:

  • The Guru/Mentee relationship is one of compassion, trust and growth

  • Helps you to see yourself and others more clearly

  • Nonjudgmental in nature

  • Committed to your success of internal growth

  • Helps you create habits that lead to achieving personal goals

  • Provides the tools to build your confidence

The Value of Vanessa

As a Dating Guru, Vanessa has a true talent for teaching and adapting proper action plans.

These plans are designed to guide women into the type of relationships they truly desire and


Her positive attitude and supportive nature are welcoming. Her up-front yet compassionate

approach of revealing facts and realities—rather than sugar-coating them—makes tackling any obstacle a challenge worth facing.

Vanessa has the ability to seamlessly guide others in creating and strengthening more genuine and productive relationships…something that is truly a gift to us all.

For more information on Vanessa Q. Martin, please contact her directly:

She wants to know what's going on in your life. She will help guide you to the man of your

dreams and how you can keep him.

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