“#MiNorte” is our inner GPS we are meant to follow. “#MiNorte” is our goal we strive to achieve. It is our instinct, our guide, our destination. 

“#MiNorte” —My North— It’s an expression you may have heard your grandmother use if you were growing up in Central America and some South American countries. In our grandmothers' day, life had more restrictions on romance and families, and their lives were fairly predictable. But when they needed to make a choice about their futures, or understand a man's actions, or on stories to believe, they would rely on their “#MiNorte” to help them. 

Back then, the idea of following your “#MiNorte” was always a strong part of their lives. It was as if they had a very smart, very loyal, very helpful friend always with them. You just have to listen. 

In some ways its like we use the internet today when we wonder about almost anything...Wikipedia, Quora, Google..the answer is online. 

#MiNorte is still with all of us today. 

Latinas can take advantage of this inner wisdom they have naturally and develop a strong connection with their #MiNorte. It will keep them on a path to create a fulfilling and happy life with the man of their dreams. 


Google cannot answer everything. I want Latinas to know and trust their #MiNorte as they go through the challenging years of meeting men, dating and choosing a lifetime partner. Discover the power of your #MiNorte. 


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